Top Online Content Distribution Platforms

Stuck on YouTube or your own website as your only points of distribution? You need to get out of the rut and into prime time. The new prime time is Roku and the dozens, hundreds of other platforms distributing good content to the new cord cutters. Gone are the days where you would pitch your content to the major networks and hope for a break. Now the new normal is self promotion and finding your niche audience where they live. So where do they live? They live on Connected TVs (CTV) like Samsung and Over the Top set top plug-ins (OTT) like Roku. How many platforms are there and how do I get on all of them? There are hundreds of them and new ones popping up daily. You need to start with the most popular and work your way down the long tail. Roku is the leader today in plug in devices and Samsung leads in Smart TVs. You get on these devices by creating your own app using their proprietary technology, services like Maz or custom service companies who can build them for you and help you with the strategy and placement. You start with the popular end points like Roku, iOS, Android, Apple and Amazon and expand from there. You can also partner with a channel that is looking to add your niche content and piggy back off their success until you are big enough to create your own channel and then you may want to continue your partnership and cross promote each other. #advertise #distributionplatforms #digitalmediatips #proprietary technology #distributemedia #digitalmedia #

Programmatic Video Ads

Programmatic got a bad wrap when it first hit the scenes a few years ago. It quickly decimated the banner ad market and brought prices to the floor by commoditizing the industry. Why would I buy an ad directly from the publisher for dollars when I can buy the same sport programmatically for pennies? The answer, you would not, so traditional ad sales dried up and programmatic exploded. In video the same thing could happen if we are not careful. Programmatic video needs to find its sweet spot in the waterfall. It should be the last resort ad that runs only after all the sponsorships and direct sold ads, guaranteed ads have all run out. Above pure run of network programmatic should be private marketplace programmatic where you work with one or a small group of advertisers or agencies and set up a deal ID and platform to platform connection with rules and pricing and guarantees agreed to by the sales and business development teams.

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