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Helix Digital is a full-service sales extension and monetization solution for premium online advertisers.

Our Services

Video Distribution

Helix can manage the distribution of your content from start to finish.  

  • We can license your content to current digital TV channels
  • We can create apps to allow your own channel to appear in the hundreds of Digital TV environments (Roku, Apple, Android, Amazon, etc)
  • We can cross-pollinate consumers from our other client channels to yours to help consumers find your content on new devices

Publisher Monetization

Helix can plug in programmatic demand to your content wherever it is viewed  

  • Helix can help form the strategy for ad loads, commercial break patterns, and subscription services to balance the competing forces of a good consumer experience (i.e. no ads or subscriptions) with the need to make the content profitable
  • Helix can manage the ad optimization and ad server equipment
  • Helix can manage the subscription software
  • Helix can sell direct to advertisers and agencies on your behalf

Advertisers & Agencies

Helix can plug in programmatic supply to your ad campaigns

  • Helix works with direct brands and agencies to plug their demand into our exclusive supply 
  • Helix works with Advertisers to manage their demand across networks and exchanges as well as private marketplaces and exclusive supply

Helix Digital Team

Monetizing Online Video Assets since 2015

Steve Katz

Steve has invested decades in digital media and performance marketing primarily focusing on sales and general management.

Tom Walsh

Tom met Jim in 1997 at DoubleClick where they worked together in media sales.  From there Tom moved to the AdTech side of the house selling and managing teams in DART for Publishers, DART for Advertisers and DARTmail.  Tom has worked in consulting for several AdTech start ups since the early days with DoubleClick and for the past 7 years has worked in Video Advertising with FreeWheel / Comcast and Viamedia.

Mandie Lee

A mutual colleague introduced Mandie and Tom in 2020. From there Mandie began working with Helix.   Mandie has worked in Marketing since 2006 through a creative coop, it was in 2008 that Mandie started diving into social media and the digital world of marketing. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

—  Matt McCarrick, CEO SkillSetz

Helix Digital helps a new and
growing business like SkillSetz
find quality online Video
advertising at great rates.

What Our Clients Are Saying

—   Anthony Bailey, Managing Director, For The Fans

Helix Digital has helped FTF with strategy
and execution in monetizing our online
video inventory.  They are very responsive
and insightful in this ever-changing

What Our Clients Are Saying

—  Joe Murray, Founder Fitness Network

Helix Digital helped us get out of the
YouTube rut and get distribution on
more platforms like Roku, iOS,
Android, and more so that we could
reach a broader audience and increase
our monetization.



Below we’ve selected some of the most often asked questions from our clients.  Feel free to Contact Us if you need additional information or assistance.

I have a lot of good video content on YouTube.  How do I get wider distribution and more ad or subscription revenue?

Working with Helix Digital we can create apps for some or all of the hundreds of platforms available for online video content.  We usually start with the most popular and work our way down.  Most clients only need 4 or 5 to get started.  Some of the more popular apps are Roku, iOS, Android, Samsung, Apple and Amazon.

Subscription or Advertising, which is a better optimization strategy?

C, all of the above. It is not a copout answer. The truth is that consumers want choice in this new world and to fully optimize your content you need to be all things to all people. You also need to allow the market to guide you. The best way to do this is to use several different strategies in monetizing your content and then adjust to what the market is telling you. Some content should be free with no ads. Get them hooked and wanting more. Some of the additional content will have light ad loads, maybe just one 30 second pre-roll ad in front. Better and longer-form content may have 2-minute ad breaks every 20 minutes or so like more traditional TV break patterns. Your best content can be subscription only and you can experiment with different rates. Get them hooked with the free stuff and then slowly build your monetization strategy from the ground up.

I am an advertiser, how do I know I am buying legitimate online video ads and not fraud?

Fraud is thought to be non-existent in the TV world, but that is not true. There are bad actors in Online TV and it is getting worse. As an advertiser, you have to be vigilant. If you can’t get a seat on your own ad server and employ your own fraud detection service you need to work with brokers whom you can trust. Ask them whom they use and ask to see fraud reporting. Helix Digital uses White Ops primarily and can implement others on an as-needed basis. Also, watch your results. When rates get low and quality seems unusually high it might be too good to be true. Fraud is best hidden at the bottom of the food chain. Buying cheap stuff is not always the best for your brand or your bottom line. Check your ROI as well. If you spike your ad spend you should also see a spike in sales. If there is no correlation, then be suspicious. It takes hard work and dedication to manage your spend properly.


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